Tropical Isles

June 2020
Newsletter of the Guam-Micronesia Mission
Tropical Isles
A Multi-talented Missionary
God blesses people with a variety of talents to serve others. One missionary describes his joy in discovering the ways God uses him to help across the Marshall Islands.
Masks Reveal the Church’s Love for Its Community
Undaunted by COVID-19 reaching their territory, the SDA church on the small island of Tinian put love into action by providing masks for their community.
Being a Missionary is Not for an Island Girl
A testimony of how God uses our unique lives to relate His love to others. God closed doors then opened windows of opportunity for this island girl to become what she never dreamed of - a missionary.
Voice of Prophecy Bible Study Translations for All the Islands
Closing borders has opened opportunities to spread the gospel online. Pastor Suhot uses his past experience and current situation to translate the Voice of Prophecy Bible studies into Marshallese.

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