Tropical Isles

November 2020
Newsletter of the Guam-Micronesia Mission
Tropical Isles
AMEN Guam-Micronesia
The health message is called the "entering wedge" of evangelism. The recently formed AMEN team of Guam-Micronesia unites medical providers and pastors in the work of healing souls.
Re-New Normal
Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on our blessings, but with so much changed by the "new normal" of the pandemic, how do we celebrate? Thankfully, there is a Gift we can always be thankful for.
Missionary Teachers Still Needed
The Ebeye SDA School has been both blessed and challenged by the pandemic. As other Ebeye schools closed, SDA enrollment increased, yet closed borders means a greater need of online teaching support.
The Story Channel: Where the Stories Never End…
Just in time for the holiday season, JOY FM launches "The Story Channel". Enjoy the gift of story time 24 hours a day with this new web streaming channel. Gather round, it's time for a story!

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