Tropical Isles

October 2020
Newsletter of the Guam-Micronesia Mission
Tropical Isles
Made to Move
The NAD Health Ministries Department challenged people across the division to move physically and spiritually. Participants from GMM islands connected over fitness, faith, and new friendships.
75 years of Soul-Winning and Counting
The liberation from World War II introduced Guam to Adventistism. When a family offered hospitality to a military visitor, they opened the door to more than they expected.
Connecting the Chuukese Brethern
Pastor Ifa visits the SDA members in the western islands of Chuuk. They enjoy this fellowship only once or twice a year due to limited transportation, yet each time, bonds are strengthened.
In Our Own Backyard
Home visits in Pohnpei led to a family with roots in Adventist education. Through an offer for Communion, the church learned that spiritual seeds had been planted in this home by the local SDA school.

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