Karemeno Ifa

Born on Chuuk in the FSM, Pastor Karemeno Ifa was raised as a conservative Catholic, and almost became a priest for the Catholic Church. Instead, he thanks God for leading him to serve as a pastor for the SDA church. His use of alcohol led to his expulsion from the University of Guam, but that experience opened the door to an evangelistic meeting. Three weeks later, he was baptized.

Pastor Ifa has worked at the Chuuk SDA School as a teacher, aid, and vice principal. He was also a literature evangelist for two years in Guam before being appointed to be the first Chuukese pastor / Coordinating pastor.

Pastor Ifa is happily married to a beautiful, good Christian girl from Ruo island named Hattie. They look forward to continuing God's work until Jesus returns.

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