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Before You Apply


Other important things to consider are included in the Qualifications section of the AVS website and in the qualifications section of each position.

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*Please be sure that you read all of the details of the position(s) you are interested in before applying.

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Step 1: Complete our Pre-Application Form

Pre-Application Form for GMM

Step 2: Determine your contact person

Option 1- If you live near an Adventist University in the North American Division (NAD)

Talk to the Chaplain or Student Missions Coordinator on campus. They will guide you through the application process and can often provide support with things such as fundraising, loan deferment, scholarships, and training.

Option 2 - If you are from within the North American Divison (NAD)

Gladys S. Guerrero
NAD OVM Processing Assistant

Option 3 - If you are from outside of the North American Division (NAD)

Step 3: Create and complete AVS Application

IMPORTANT CHANGE: Please be advised that the General Conference Adventist Volunteer Services (AVS) discontinued their Legacy call database at the end of 2022 and transitioned to VividFaith.

GMM positions are included under the North American Division (NAD) call list and can be viewed at
NAD Opportunities.

For applicants from the North American Division, we invite you to apply through the
NAD Office of Volunteer Ministries (OVM).

For applicants from outside the NAD, we thank you for your patience and we will announce the application process for international applicants as soon as possible.

Begin this step by creating an account at NAD Office of Volunteer Ministries.
Please Note: Read each section carefully as there is a lot of paperwork to submit to the volunteer office.

When you have completed all of the steps (excluding the "Preparation for Mission" course), then send an email to your GMM contact, whether that be Nancy Edward or Gracelyn Lloyd.

Step 4: Complete 'Preparation for Mission' Course

The Approval Process

Once the above steps are complete, the below approval process can begin and will take 1-3 weeks to complete.

NAD Applicants:

The NAD votes to accept you as a volunteer and then sends it to us to do the same. If we accept you as our volunteer, then the NAD will officially approve of you volunteering for us.

Applicants outside of the NAD:

Your division votes to approve you as a volunteer from their division. Then your application goes to the General Conference (GC) then to us, then back to the GC. You will find out after this point if you have been approved to volunteer on one of our islands. Thank you for your patience.