Guam/Micronesia Alumni Reunion 2023

6th Annual Reunion

A yearly highlight for alumni missionaries from Guam and Micronesia is our alumni missionary reunion, which happens at Loma Linda University every March. This year, on March 4, during LLU’s annual homecoming, we gathered once again at Linda Hall in Campus Hill Church’s fellowship hall.

A special feature of this year’s reunion was the attendance of Pastor Remenster Jano, GMM Executive Secretary, who has served the Guam-Micronesia Mission of Seventh-day Adventists for fifty years. He traveled all the way from Guam to Loma Linda, California to meet and greet alumni at our reunion. What a joy it was for him to see former student missionaries and long-term missionaries whom he had not seen for many years!

Guam SDA Clinic presents Pastor Jano with Guam Seal to commemorate his service

Our attendees enjoyed learning about his years of service and were grateful he could be honored with a gift from Micronesia. All who attended in-person and watched online heard stories and saw photos of how God had allowed Remenster Jano to be used in mission service on the islands of Pohnpei, Chuuk and Guam. 

Another highlight for our alumni this year was to discover how God had taken their monies from 2021and multiplied the sum to provide a new radio station – Pwi Pwi Soulang Radio on 630 AM. Operated by Joy FM, the new Chuukese language station was created to “Reach the Unreached of Micronesia”. It is up and running with so many positive results. Missionaries from Joy FM and Adventist World Radio (AWR) on Guam reported in a video on how lives have been especially touched through these radio programs. Testimonials from listeners stirred the audience on how powerful God’s message is through radio.

Then, we were challenged to give in a different way to this radio ministry. Dr. Wes Youngberg gave a powerful appeal asking for funds to now be given so that Pwi Pwi Soulang will have more programs recorded – 500 more hours of programming content to be exact – and have enough donations to purchase 500 personal radios – units to be sent to the remote outer islands around Chuuk and Yap where internet is not available. Unreached islanders need these tangible radios to pick up the radio signal. We were able to fundraise a total of $21,540 this year, with more funds coming in.  

If you would like to donate to this wonderful ministry, please do so online at and scroll down to Chuuk.  There you can donate to either the programming hours or physical radios.

We had an excellent time at the reunion seeing old friends, making new ones, and being inspired to contribute to the ongoing needs of getting the gospel out to Micronesia. Jesus is coming soon, let’s share the Good News!  

Friends and family were reunited over the celebration of mission work
The Pierson family served as missionaries on the island of Saipan
The event was also livestreamed on

Banner photo credit: Photo by Jabez Impano on Unsplash

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