Farewell to the GMM Treasurer

Served from 2018 to 2023

Don Lloyd first began his work in the Guam-Micronesia Mission as a student missionary on the island of Ebeye in the Marshall Islands. Nearly 20 years later, when the opportunity arose for him to return as GMM Treasurer/Chief Financial Officer, he accepted the call and relocated his family from Washington state to Guam, where the GMM headquarters is located.

During his tenure, Don has been humbled to witness God provide for each challenge, including the increase of tithe during the economic strain of the pandemic. He has been reminded that God will multiply our own efforts in ways we can never imagine in order to provide the resources needed, as He did for repairs to the Saipan school after Typhoon Yutu and the new Kosrae school gym.

"Don’s commitment to mission, sharp eye for detail, and determination have helped bring the Guam-Micronesia Mission through numerous challenges," said Matthew Kirk, GMM President. "His leadership through the COVID pandemic as well as working through the current difficulties Guam faces fromTyphoon Mawar has been a blessing to those he has served throughout GMM. We are grateful for his many contributions and he and his family will be missed."

As GMM Executive Secretary, I have been privileged and humbled to work alongside Don Lloyd, Jr. in his role as Treasurer/CFO of Guam-Micronesia Mission for the past five years. Don is a committed and dedicated person to his calling. I’m going to miss him as a friend and travel mate. May the Lord bless you keep you till we meet again.

Don thanks the mission for the opportunity to serve over the last five years. His wife Gracelyn counts it a privilege to have worked at the Guam SDA Clinic as a nurse, as well as serving the mission as the Communications Director and assisting with the AVS missionary program. Their children have been blessed by the SDA church and school community. They look forward to being closer to family when they return to the mainland U.S., where Don has accepted a position with the General Conference Auditing Service.

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