Missionary Alumni Virtual Reunion

Hello - Alii - Mongethin - Ififi - Håfa ådai - Ran annim - Kaselehlia - Len wo - Iokwe

Encouragement, inspiration, and God’s amazing providences were the messages communicated at our 4th annual Guam Micronesia Alumni Reunion. On Sunday, March 6, 2021, we made history when we broadcast the reunion online. Normally hosted in Southern California, this year’s reunion was unique because it was the first time it was broadcast virtually. Viewers watched over Zoom, YouTube and Facebook as we streamed from the mission's conference room, which allowed people to attend from all over the world. What an encouragement to see so many join!

Live and pre-recorded segments streamed from GMM headquarters

The reunion shared updates all about the needs and work in Guam-Micronesia Mission, featuring reports from GMM President Ken Norton, GMM Education Director Churchill Edward, and Guam Seventh-day Adventist Clinic CEO Victor Shepherd. Testimonies were given by student missionaries and various clinic alumni from the past and present.

My husband and I were able to also present the rich history of Guam missionaries who began the Adventist medical and dental services on the Micronesian islands.

A beautiful example of meaningful outreach was also communicated when GMM Women's Ministries Director, Mrs. Carmen Ulloa-Kasperbauer, narrated the year's outreach by women across the region.

GMM departments, like Women's Ministries pictured here, shared stories of work throughout the islands

Also included in the reunion were updates from JOY FM radio station manager, Matt Dodd. He presented our annual Alumni Giving Project. This year the fundraising appeal is for an AM transmitter. With engineering help from Adventist World Radio, this new JOY AM station could broadcast the Gospel message to over 70,000 Chuukese people with many of them living in the unreached islands of Micronesia. Dr. Wes Youngberg joined in a compelling appeal. As a result, donations started to come in the day of the reunion and, as of today, now total about $35,000 – about one-third of our goal fundraising goal! Guam-Micronesia Mission has pledged to match up to $100,000 of donations received. Each week GMM continues to receive more donations. It's not too late to give as we strive in prayer and action to ask alumni to donate to gmmsda.org/projects/am-radio-station.

The Edward family appeared ready on "Set 1" to sing their Pohnpeian selection

At one point, we observed 142 participants on Zoom, 29 viewers onFacebook and 14 views on YouTube for a total of 185 live viewers. Keep in mind that, in many cases, there were several people watching together as one "viewer". 

Participants and staff began with prayer before entering the "GMM studio"

At the conclusion of the reunion, we hosted several Zoom breakout rooms named by island and by decade. Viewers could now participate in these smaller virtual groups to meet or reunite with other missionaries who served on their islands. We had people in the breakouts for over two hours, with Saipan SDA Clinic and Chuuk School wrapping up last after 4 pm. I personally enjoyed visiting with many friends from different time periods too. Thanks to Pastor Rylan Kuartei for setting up and managing participants in the 15 breakout rooms! Another big thanks to the technology and production team: Carmen Ulloa-Kasperbauer, Productions Team leader; Andrew Porter, IT Manager from the Guam SDA Clinic; Dennis Tkalec, Systems Analyst from Guam SDA Clinic; and Tommy Imazu, Video Editor.

Go to guamalumni.com where you can watch a replay of the reunion, as well as join the mailing list and learn more about the 2021 AM Radio Station Project.

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