AMEN Guam-Micronesia

"It is as these lines of work are united that we may expect to gather the most precious fruit for the Lord." (Ellen White, Medical Ministry, p.26)

The Reason

Adventist Medical Evangelism Network (AMEN) began when, at the 2004 ASI Convention, a handful of physicians and dentists organized a lunch meeting to explore the subject of medical evangelism. The event proved such a success that the group decided to meet again in February 2005 to discuss the formation of a non-profit organization that would train and equip physicians and dentists to be effective medical evangelists. Pastor Mark Finley agreed to present a series of messages relating to this issue. The Dalton, Ga. home of John Chung, MD was originally planned as the venue for the meeting, but when the number of responses to invitations swelled to nearly fifty, the event was moved to nearby Cohutta Springs Ranch. At the convocation’s close, the inspired, challenged attendees unanimously decided to formally organize the Adventist Medical Evangelism Network.

First AMEN Philippines Conference in June 2018

AMEN’s mission is to motivate, train, and equip Seventh-day Adventist physicians, dentists, and other healthcare professionals to team with pastors and members, uniting the church to restore Christ’s ministry of healing to the world, hastening His return. 

The AMEN international chapters exist in the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, India, Columbia, South Africa, Europe, and now Guam.

In June 2018, Dr. Tim and Sunny Arakawa, Dr. Gabriel and Suzane David, Dr. Shin Miyagi, Wing Chan, and I attended the first AMEN Philippines Conference. After attending the conference, we were inspired to start an AMEN chapter on Guam. I was impressed by three speakers quoting Mrs. White’s writings on how the pastor and the physician need to work closely together in reaching people for Christ.  

AMEN GM Executive team (l-r): Michael Robinson, MD (President), David Lee, DMD (Treasurer), Tina Heinrich, PA-C (Secretary), and Atsushi Yamumuro, RN (Vice President)

Following the conference in June, we started meeting as a small group of healthcare professionals at the Guam SDA Clinic in the evening for prayer and fellowship. In August, we transitioned to weekly Wednesday meetings during lunch at the clinic and invited the pastors.

Then in January 2019, we had an introductory meeting that opened the group to all healthcare professionals at the clinic. The history of AMEN, its purpose and mission, testimonies, and an appeal to join the AMEN membership were presented.

Officers were elected: Dr. Tim Arakawa (President), Tina Heinrich (Secretary), and Dr. David Lee (Treasurer). A board was formed, including Pastor Mesikt Idechong, Pastor Luis Mafnas, and Grace Lloyd (GMM Health Ministries). AMEN Guam-Micronesia became an officially recognized chapter of AMEN National in May 2019.

In November 2019, AMEN GM had a meeting opening up membership to all SDA church members on Guam.  

Following the departure of Dr. Tim Arakawa, Dr. Michael Robinson and Atsushi Yamumuro were voted by the AMEN GM board as president and vice president, respectively, in January 2020.

The Work

Medical providers measure participants' health statistics and consult on their results

In April 2019, the AMEN team partnered with GMM Health Ministries in doing a six-week health program with Agana Heights SDA Church. The program began with an AMEN Sabbath sermon and afternoon pre-health screening, which included height, body composition, blood pressure, blood sugar, health age, and consultations. Church members recorded this current health status in a health checklist booklet.

Pastor Mafnas discusses the benefits of mind-body connection with a participant

Over the next several Sabbath afternoons, AMEN providers hosted a health seminar that introduced another healthy habit to track in their booklet for the coming week. The program concluded with an AMEN Sabbath sermon and post-health screening so church members could see the measurable improvements they accomplished over six weeks.

Encouraged by the success at Agana Heights, the AMEN team conducted this health program at Happy Family SDA Church, Talofofo SDA Church, and Northern SDA Church. The purpose of the health programs was for the church members to experience the benefits of the Adventist health message and in turn share this with others.    

The Mission

AMEN GM is looking into a Phase II of the church health program, where Guam churches feel confident conducting their own similar program for their communities and friends.

Ji Lee presents a health message at Talofofo SDA Church

The vision of AMEN GM is to empower ministry leaders in other GMM islands using such health programs. AMEN GM’s first conference (virtual) will be held February 1st to 6th, 2021, join us online!  

My prayer is that this ministry will help to hasten the work of reaching for Christ the remaining 66 of 92 islands/atolls where there is no Adventist presence.

Medical providers and participants include prayer in the pursuit of greater health.
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