Guam-Micronesia Mission Releases Coronavirus Contingency Plan

Coronavirus Contingency Plan

Updated March 20, 2020

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Guam-Micronesia Mission has created a Coronavirus Contingency Plan effective immediately that will serve as our guide in dealing with any possible outbreak of the virus in the islands in the future.  

Coronavirus Contingency Plan

Coronavirus Threat Level 1: Low Threat (Precautionary Alert)

What gets us to this threat level?

  • Local government has implemented travel restrictions, or
  • Local government is encouraging the public to prepare for an outbreak, or
  • All confirmed cases are contained, and patients are quarantined with no community spread cases.

What we will do:

Step 1: Verify that all international personnel including student missionaries are registered with their respective embassy or consulate.

Step 2: Ensure that our SDA school administrators have an ‘Emergency Profile’ for each missionary including their Passport documentation, emergency contact information, immunization record, etc.

Step 3: Encourage all international personnel to stay alert to official statements by the local government and the Center for Disease Control (CDC).


As of Mar. 4, 2020, GMM is placing all of our islands at Threat Level 1. Although there are currently no confirmed cases on any island, all local island governments within GMM territory have implemented travel restrictions and are encouraging the public to prepare for an outbreak. At Threat Level 1, we encourage our international personnel to stay on island and monitor the situation closely.

Coronavirus Threat Level 2: Medium Threat (Authorized Departure)

What gets us to this threat level?

  • Multiple confirmed cases on island without containment, or
  • Government mandated school closures.

What we will do:

Step 1: Comply with the recommendations of local governments and/or the local U.S. Embassy/Consulate and communicate these instructions to our personnel.

Step 2: Inform international personnel that they have the option to return to their home countries after consulting with their local school leadership and GMM Education Director.


Due to the increased risk at Threat Level 2, returning to their home country may be the preferred option for some individuals. We encourage international personnel to consult with their school leadership to decide their options. Also, concerned parents should communicate with their student missionary to decide whether to stay or leave.  

Coronavirus Threat Level 3: High Threat (Mandatory Evacuation)

What gets us to this threat level?

  • Hospitals are beyond capacity, or
  • Other governments step in to assist with an outbreak, or
  • US State Department travel advisory level 4, or
  • Governments provide evacuation flights for their citizens.

What we will do:

Step 1: Work with local school administrators to safely return our international personnel to either their home country or a safer location.


Due to the high threat of Level 3, local school administration, in cooperation with GMM Education Director, will facilitate all necessary arrangements for the evacuation and accommodation of all international personnel in their transit and final destination.

Further questions regarding this contingency plan can be directed to the GMM Communications Director, Grace Lloyd, at

Official Sources for the islands:



Federated States of Micronesia (Yap, Chuuk, Pohnpei, Kosrae):

CNMI (Saipan):

Republic of the Marshall Islands (Ebeye, Majuro):

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