Ebeye Senior Trip to Majuro

Anticipation for the Jewels (also known as Ebeye SDA School’s senior class) Educational Trip began at the start of the school year when their parents met to discuss graduation and senior trip. Plans were laid out to travel to Majuro -- the capital of the Marshall Islands -- for Spring Break. Fourteen Jewels and four parents, along with myself as class sponsor, flew the hour and a half from Ebeye to Majuro on March 11.

We arrived in Majuro on a beautiful Friday morning. The Marshall Islands Resort (MIR) bus was there to ferry us to the resort which would be our home for the next eleven days. After freshening up, we rode the MIR bus to Delap Seventh-day Adventist Church for sundown vespers where we enjoyed fellowship with the members. After worship, we met with the Delap Seventh-day Adventist School seniors to plan the Sabbath program.

On Sabbath morning, we jointly led the worship service at church. The Jewels sang special songs and took part in both the Sabbath School and Divine Service. The church prepared a sumptuous meal for us, however, we had not even started eating when we received a call from the seniors’ parents, who were already back at MIR. They informed us that the Leroij (loosely translated "queen") of Majuro was waiting for us at the resort! We left quickly, but Leroij Esther Zedkaia was already gone, leaving word that she would be back in an hour. We headed back to church for lunch and returned to the resort in time to meet her. We had a wonderful time together, and at the end of our visit, she wrote us a bountiful check. We were humbled to spend time with the Leroij! In the evening, we headed back to church for sundown worship which was followed by a fun game night enjoyed by the senior classes of both Ebeye and Majuro SDA Schools.

Visiting the United States Embassy

On Monday, we attended two appointments. The first was with the United States Embassy in Mejen Weto where we met Her Excellency the Ambassador Roxanne Cabral, Deputy Chief of Mission Mr. Jeremiah Knight, and other officers who took us through the functions, activities, and projects of the embassy. In the afternoon, we proceeded to the Japan Embassy in Delap where we met the His Excellency the Ambassador Kazanuri Tanaka and his staff who took us through Japanese culture and described Japanese scholarship opportunities.

The next day, we visited the College of the Marshall Islands (CMI) where we were received by staff and student leaders who gave us a tour of the institution, including its history, courses offered and scholarships available. We continued on to the University of South Pacific (USP-RMI) where one of the Campus Directors accorded us an enriching session about USP-RMI, their scholarships, and a walk around the campus. In the afternoon, we proceeded to the Taiwan Embassy on Long Island where we were received by His Excellency the Ambassador Jeffrey S. C. Hsiao and his three secretaries who described to us the functions of the embassy and Taiwanese scholarships. We then headed to Marshall Islands Marine Resources Authority (MIMRA) in Delap where the Educational & Awareness Coordinator Mr. Barab Edwards ensured we had a splendid visit! Mr. Edwards took us to every office on every floor of their multi-floor head office as he explained what MIMRA does. At the MIMRA fish market, we saw firsthand the work necessary to process tons of fish for export and domestic consumption.

Touring one of the institutions of higher learning on Majuro

On Wednesday morning, we met the Marshallese head of state, His Excellency David Kabua, at his office in Delap. We had a wonderfully interactive and informative session with the president after which his staff granted us a tour of his and his cabinet secretaries’ offices. We also visited the Australian Embassy in Uliga where His Excellency the Ambassador Brek Batley and his secretaries described their embassy’s work, Australian scholarships, and work opportunities. We finished the day at the Majuro Atoll Mayor’s Office where the Honorable Mayor Ladie N. Jack and his staff educated us about the his office, jurisdiction, and his government’s projects.

On Thursday morning, we headed to Taiwan Laura Farm where the Deputy General Manager David Lin led us on an informative tour of their expansive farm where they grow a variety of food crops. They send out food crop seedlings to outer islands for food security and agricultural sustenance. We are grateful to Taiwan Laura Farm for the tomato, papaya, cucumber, taro, guava and pineapple seedlings that they donated for us to plant in Ebeye. In the afternoon we headed to Tobolar Copra Processing Authority that processes cosmetic products and cooking oil from coconut. We are grateful to Mr. Jeton Philipo for granting a wonder session at Tobolar Head Office and arranging our visit to their office in Laura where they do product refinery. We are also grateful for the finished products they gave us.

Sampling products at Tobolar Copra Processing Authority

On Friday, we were scheduled to visit the Alele Museum, the Court House, and National Telecommunications Authority, but we were forced to forfeit them because Leroij Esther organized a picnic for us on one of the outer islands – Enemanit – where we had a wonderful time in the water and enjoying the breathtaking scenery there.

On our second Sabbath on Majuro, we drove an hour north to fellowship at the Laura SDA Church. The Jewels took part in leading worship before we shared in a bountiful potluck organized for us by the brethren in Laura.

On Sunday, Leroij Esther organized another outer island picnic for us at Dren Mweio where the Jewels spent the day swimming and relaxing!

On Monday, our last full day on Majuro, we slowed down and did some shopping. The next day, we flew back to Ebeye.

What a wonderful, refreshing, informative, and inspiring Spring Break we had!

We thank our Heavenly Father for His bountiful provisions and the lavish means that He granted for and during our trip! We are also grateful to all the donors, both in Ebeye and in Majuro, that gave to our class so kindly and generously.

“What shall I render unto the Lord for all His benefits toward me?”  (Psalm 116:12)

Water fun at Dren Mweio
Visiting the Taiwanese Embassy
Received at the Australian Embassy
Fellowship with the members at the Laura SDA Church
The Jewels at Delep SDA Church during their first Sabbath in Majuro
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