Let Hope Be the New Normal

It's time to share hope... now!

2020 has been plagued by the COVID-19 pandemic and its splintering effects. Lives continue to be taken, forcing mandatory quarantine lockdowns, crippling economies, and fueling an already volatile political climate. Society grapples with a new norm, escalating the anxiety in both adults and children. Beyond the pandemic, this year has also been rocked by destructive riots, increased crime, killer storms, and floods.

As we approach the unknown of the new year, what can we expect? We must look to the source of healing and of peace and introduce Him to a world that needs Him more than ever.

One positive outcome of the pandemic is GMM’s first region-wide online evangelistic series. COVID restrictions on Guam forced the cancellation of the tent meetings we had planned for January 2021. However, this quickly developed into an opportunity to organize a virtual Bible Study series. By God’s grace, leadership and members honed their talents and in record time prepared to stream this evangelistic seminar, making it available to the islands across our region and beyond.

This is the time. Time to offer hope now.

It is time for us to jump over any walls of hesitation, slide out of our comfort zones, and fight off any thoughts that discourage us from inviting everybody to a Bible study series that presents real truth and promises bright hope in this this dark world.

To help people suffering from the painful impacts of the pandemic, Pastor Ken Norton will present encouraging Biblical truths for fifteen days from January 2nd to 16th. Each meeting will begin with a short health message by our Guam SDA Clinic providers that are essential during this health crisis. Audiences are encouraged to participate as a panel will take viewers’ questions, sent through Facebook and YouTube comments, at the Round Table discussion that concludes each meeting. 

You can help share hope now by:
1. Liking our evangelism page at www.facebook.com/ariseandshineguam 
2. Subscribing to Arise and Shine, Guam on www.youtube.com
3. Sharing the website www.islandhopenow.com
4. Joining our livestreams on Facebook, YouTube, or the Hope Now website! 

Invite family, friends, neighbors, and strangers to celebrate the arrival of the new year by spending the first two weeks in the promise of hope!

GMM Conference Room before studio
GMM Conference Room with studio


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