Inmate Says JOY FM Saved Him

"I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me." Matthew 25:36, NIV

Inmates at the Guam Department of Corrections have had a tough year. Because of pandemic restrictions, they've not been allowed visitors for months. Family members are not even allowed to drop off basic necessities.But on Christmas Eve, six hundred care packages were delivered by the JOY FM staff to inmates. In addition, six cases of bananas and ten boxes full of inspirational DVDs and books were delivered. These gifts brightened the holidays for hundreds of inmates who, like all of us, need the gift of hope.

Within two hours of our delivery, inmates began calling the station to say thank you. In the first week after delivery, we received 70 postcards from inmates requesting Bibles and/or Bible studies.

Letter from inmate after receiving care package

We received the letter above from an inmate. He writes, "I listen to JOY FM all the time and I love it!... All I do is listen to your station and read the Bible and I have been saved! I want to know more about Jesus Christ." It's amazing to see how God is working in these last days! Praise God that he is using this tiny ministry to touch lives across Micronesia!

None of this would have been possible without the generosity of donors who gave over $3,000 for the printing of calendars, healthy snacks, and reading materials. Listeners of JOY FM also donated granola bars and bananas. Volunteers came together to assemble 600 wall calendars and pack 600 care packages.

Volunteers creating care packages for inmates

A series of miracles allowed care packages to arrive in inmates' hands on Christmas Eve. It was November 30th when we first requested permission from the Guam Department of Corrections to deliver Christmas care packages to inmates. By mid-December, our request had still not been approved and we were getting concerned. We had much to prepare and didn't know what items, if any, would be allowed. I made a phone call to Social Services at the prison to follow up. To my surprise, an old friend, Bob Dames, who I'd met through prison ministries, answered the phone. He shared how he'd gone back to school so that he could get a job at the prison working with the drug rehabilitation program. He suggested I submit another request on our letterhead to the prison director. After getting off the phone, I felt impressed to write the letter and send it directly to the prison director due to the shortness of time, rather than following the chain of command. Within 30 minutes of sending my request to the prison director, he responded, approving the request and thanking us for caring. I felt this an answer to prayer, as requests must normally follow the chain of command.

Another challenge came on December 24th. We had hoped to deliver our care packages before Christmas so that the inmates would not go through the holiday feeling as though no one cared. In addition, we had the cases of ripe bananas to donate that would not last three more days.  On Christmas Eve, I received an email from our point of contact at the prison informing me that we would not be allowed to deliver the packages until 3-5 days after Christmas. Once again I prayed and then called the prison director's office. A very kind lady answered the phone. She transferred me to Major Aguon, who told me we could deliver our packages immediately (Christmas Eve). It was another miracle and answer to prayer! Prisons are difficult environments in which to work and we do not fault them for any challenges we experienced. We thank the staff and administration of the Guam Department of Corrections for allowing us to bring a little Christmas joy to the inmates.

We thank God for your kindness and generosity! We pray for continued revival for the inmates at the Guam Department of Corrections.

Help us purchase 70 Bibles for these inmates by sharing your gift here.*


*Editor's Note: At publication of this article, over 100 postcards have been received.

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