Getting Dengue Fever in Ebeye

Jessica's second year in Ebeye, first time with dengue fever

I came back for my second year of teaching on Ebeye. I was excited to be back teaching on my island home and surprise my students with my return. Before I arrived, I heard that dengue fever was spreading around the island. Because of how fast it was spreading, school was postponed for two weeks. That meant teachers had extra time to prepare for classes and we were able to prepare our classrooms. On the Wednesday before school started, I was feeling weak and felt a sickness coming along but I did not think much of it. When I awoke the next morning, I had a fever of 101 F. My roommates told me to go to the hospital so I could get my blood drawn to find out if I had dengue, but with my fear of needles, I tried my best to avoid getting my blood drawn and it worked. The doctor told me I had flu-like symptoms and told me to get rest. The next day I still had a high fever and I was very dizzy; I could not walk without two people helping me. The principal suggested I go to the hospital again. This time I had my blood drawn which gave me the positive results of dengue fever. Since the hospital was full of patients with dengue, I was given a mosquito net and was able to go back to the apartment. My roommate, Schley took great care of me and every day she was with me as I went to the hospital to keep getting my blood drawn. On the fifth day of getting blood drawn, my levels were low so I had to be admitted into the hospital. I was so weak that I had trouble talking to people, and messaging family and friends of how I was feeling. During my time in the hospital, I was thinking to myself why God allowed me to become so sick my second year on Ebeye. I was questioning if I should have come back. I tried going back home since I did not have strength and I wanted to fully recover at home, but it never worked out. While in the hospital, students came to visit and sang beautiful songs for me. It was a precious reminder of why I came back, their beautiful voices, prayer and encouraging words reminded me of their caring and loving hearts. After my third day in the hospital I was well enough to go back to the apartment. I took 5 days to recover and gain my strength back and was able to begin teaching after 12 days of being sick with dengue. During my first week of teaching I had my second reminder of why I knew I came back. God provided me a way to come back and teach, if it was not for God’s provision during the summer I would not have been back. He was faithful to my family and I so why would I give up so easy on Him? He healed my sickness by restoring me to my normal health in just 12 days. When I thought I had hit my lowest point and could not go on with teaching here again, God brought me out and made me stronger spiritually and physically.

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