Literature for the Islands

"a testimony to all nations and then the end will come” (Matthew 24:14)

Over ten tons of literature landed on the shores of Guam in February. There were enough boxes of Vibrant Living, Signs of the Times, and Touch Points to fill an entire house! In fact, it did.

With limited storage space at the Guam-Micronesia Mission headquarters, a recently vacated house became a beehive of stacking, organizing, counting, and repackaging. Boxes were organized by title, then orders were filled to meet the requests of the different islands across the Guam-Micronesia territory. When finally ready for delivery, the literature was prayed over and loaded for the shipping containers that would take them to their distant destinations.

A house in Guam serves as a literature clearing house

The pallets had barely arrived on the island of Chuuk before one shipping employee read the contents of a box marked “How to Lose Weight” then shyly asked for one on the spot. Relevant titles like these are filling our churches and schools. Many have been added to the waiting rooms of the Guam Seventh-day Adventist Clinic and the Saipan Dental Clinic – high-traffic areas for community members eager to learn more about “Going Vegetarian” or “Facing Life’s Interruptions”.

The literature represents a substantial monetary value, however, it is the investment in the physical, mental, and spiritual growth of its readers that is beyond calculation. The attractive magazines contain many topics that address today's needs: family; healthy recipes; budget; depression; COVID-19; and grief, to name a few. In addition, other tracts answer questions for those who are searching for life's deeper mysteries: what happens after death; the truth about hell; the rapture; and the end of the world. Many individuals are not comfortable seeking help with these topics from other people, but free literature is a non-threatening resource that is often welcomed into their homes. The publications also point readers to the Author of salvation (Hebrews 2:10), offering biblical solutions of forgiveness, prayer, and the secrets to joy.

Wrapping an order of literature bound for Pohnpei

We praise God that the magazines and tracts have flooded all nine major islands in our territory.

Pray that these tangible messages of hope make their way into the hands and hearts of the people in all our islands and provide a track to a deeper understanding of the love God has for each of them.

GMM Treasurer Donald Lloyd, Jr. stands next to literature destined for Palau
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