Telephone Booth Evangelism

Church members leave messages of hope

About two years ago, an expatriate professor of the local community college introduced something called the Little Free Library in Pohnpei. One of the locations she chose for this purpose was the main public telephone booth on the island. She used to tell me that the basic philosophy behind this project was “take a book, read a book, leave a book.” Being a professional librarian and an avid reader myself, I frequently visited the booth and occasionally found a good book or two to read. All the while, the wheels in my head were turning wondering how I, as a pastor and evangelist could incorporate a little bit of public evangelism in this venture. During my prayerful contemplation, it dawned on me: Why not add some Adventist literature to the collection! And that is exactly what happened.

Some of our Adventist youth volunteered to accompany me to place literature in the public telephone booth. To begin with, we deposited several copies of “The Great Hope” (an abridged version of the “Great Controversy”) by Ellen G. White, “Certainty in an Uncertain World” by Mark Finley, and “Ten Commandments” by Loron Wade. Before arranging the materials inside the booth, the young people, offered earnest prayers for God to bless the undertaking. We also wrote the name of our church on the inside cover of each book so that readers would know whom to contact for further information.  

Thus, a burning passion was born for telephone booth evangelism, or as we called it: The Telephone Booth Challenge. Standing beside that public telephone, Adventist young people pledged that with the aid of the Holy Spirit, they will continue to preach, teach, and share the Seventh-day Adventist message in any way we can until these islands of the sea are aflame with the Gospel truth. Please pray, as we do, that these books containing the Three Angels’ Messages of Revelation 14 will radiate and shine forth to all around and become powerful witnesses for Jesus, the Bible, and the Seventh-day Adventist message.  

God’s Word can be powerful whether it is placed inside a church, a hospital, a prison cell, or even a public telephone booth because He has promised in Isaiah 55:11 (KJV) “So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing where to I sent it.” The Little Free Library in Pohnpei is making a noticeable impact on the local community. Just a few weeks ago, the library received new boxes of books from sponsors in Guam, Hawaii, and Australia. Today, when we visited the booth, it was empty. This means that even as the world goes digital, our islanders are still interested in reading printed matter. So we restocked the shelves with Adventist materials. Inside the telephone booth, there is standing room for just one person. But because each book we placed there was accompanied by the prayers of our youth, that little room can become the gate of heaven for many sincere seekers of truth.

Youth prayed over books containing the Three Angels' Messages before placing them inside the telephone booth

This year, April 17th was designated as Global Impact Day. Church members participated in a massive global literature distribution in their communities. According to the Adventist Church’s website, “The major intention of Impact Day is to bring ‘Hope’ to the community.” At such a time as this, what a joyful privilege it was for us to launch telephone booth evangelism in Pohnpei. We hope and pray that through this ministry we will be able to address areas of concern such as spirituality, family, health, emotional needs, and more. May it bring Christian hope to individuals, homes, families, neighbors, local communities, and society at large until Jesus, the desire of all ages and the ultimate hope of humanity appears in the clouds of heaven to take His faithful children to that eternal city of joy, peace, and everlasting happiness. Even there, “The theme of redemption … will be the science and the song of the redeemed throughout the ceaseless ages of eternity” {ST, April 18, 1906 par. 4}.

Almost all the books, pamphlets, and magazines used in our literature ministry in Pohnpei are gifts and donations given by friends and well-wishers from here and abroad. It is my sincere prayer and earnest appeal that more Adventist evangelistic materials be donated for this worthy cause on this Pacific island. The materials do not have to be brand new.Used books are also valuable evangelistic tools for us. If God’s Spirit moves upon your heart to give, please respond and get in touch with us at  

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