The Story Channel: Where the Stories Never End…

From music to information to stories, JOY FM streams across the ocean with messages of hope

Love stories? Who doesn’t enjoy a well-told tale! Jesus was the Master Storyteller! Sharing parables was His favorite method of sharing truth. Storytelling has a way of bringing the truth home to our hearts. And stories can stick with us in ways plain facts often can’t.

Listening to stories has emotional, physical, mental, social, and spiritual benefits. Research has shown that the audio version of a story has a greater impact on a person's physiological and emotional response than its visual film or even its written version.1 Imagine being immersed in the sounds of a radio drama as the narrator details the setting and describes the feelings of the characters. We exercise our empathy and imagination, increase our vocabulary and knowledge, and focus our powers of concentration. Sharing an experience by listening to audio stories provides an uplifting alternative to the current isolation and superfluousness of screen time. And we know a place where you are sure to find spiritually-uplifting content.

"The Story Channel" app available now on App Store and Google Play

For more than 25 years, listeners have enjoyed Adventures in Odyssey, Your Story Hour, Unshackled, and much more on our radio network, JOY FM*. Listeners have responded so well to these programs over the years that we felt we should make a dedicated channel for this genre. Now, we’re excited to present The Story Channel, a 24/7 steaming channel and app. You’ll be transported back to Bible times and down through the centuries as you learn how God has worked to redeem his people. You’ll also find some modern tales that will bring hope and encouragement to your life.

In addition to the long-time favorite audio dramas, we’ve been building a library of quality Christian stories for many years. These include classics, audio dramas, and rare tales from near and far. From Bible Stories to Christian Heroes and beyond, you’re sure to be inspired. Our collection is carefully chosen and has taken years to accumulate as well as secure rights for airplay. Listeners, young and old, can tune in around the world to hear timeless stories. We’re certain that this addition to our ministry will have a powerful positive impact on a lot of people. From our research, we believe our channel will be the first of its kind!

The Story Channel is available now at where you can explore our full program lineup. Download "The Story Channel" apps to your mobile devices using the App Store and Google Play.

*JOYFM is a Seventh-day Adventist radio network based on the island of Guam in the western Pacific. The network has eight radio stations spread across the islands of Micronesia.


1. (retrieved November 25, 2020)

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