World Pathfinder Day in the Pacific

"In kindness, truth, and purity"

Due to the continuing pandemic, not all Pathfinders were able to participate in this year’s World Pathfinder Day, but here in the Guam-Micronesia Mission, four Pathfinder clubs happily reported how they participated on September 18th in this special occasion.


On Guam, the Club Director Bertha Saladier from the Happy Family Church said:

It was a wonderful World Pathfinder Sabbath at Happy Family Church in Guam. The Guam Micronesian Kingfisher Club had a special high Sabbath. Beginning with practice for our service on Friday afternoon, then resting before Sabbath School in the morning, the Pathfinders participated in the praise team song service, scripture and lesson study. They also led out in the two Sabbath services before ending with reciting the Ten Commandments in Exodus 20:3-17.

The Kingfisher Club at Happy Family SDA Church on Guam

All participates in the Divine Service were Pathfinders – from the children's story about David and his willingness to serve God and get rid of the giant Goliath, to special music, and prayer. TLT's (Teen Leaders in Training) gave the sermon on the theme "I Will Go". Our Pathfinders were minute volunteers – serving in place of our absent members whose families were sick. 

Unfortunately, Guam's number of infections and hospitalizations from this dreaded sickness is rising; we were reduced to only 50% of our club members at church. We missed them so much, yet we had a special prayer service – lifting our hearts to the Lord for healing and comfort during this difficult time.

Led by Master Guide Dustin Evans, we spent the afternoon engaged in our first Pathfinder Bible Experience where we quizzed the Pathfinders on the book of 1 Kings. Our two teams did well, surprising their leaders with how much they really learned. What joy to see the word of God uplifted in our young people!

Candle lighting during induction service

Before our induction vesper program, we had a season of prayer for the sick. Each Pathfinder present prayed for our four families who were not able to come to the service due to illness. We continue to pray for them and us all during this difficult time on our island and in the world. Although we have challenges, we will still strive to do for the Lord and spread the news of His Love to a world hurting from all the sickness and death sin brings.

To complete our World Pathfinder Day, we inducted two of our junior members into our club. It was an inspiring induction service with our lights lit to commit ourselves to another year of “Pathfindering” and to serving our Lord and Savior in our church, school and community.


Also on Guam, the Koko's Pathfinder Club of the Guam Korean Church commemorated the World Pathfinder Day this year. Led by Club Director Dr. Ken Lee, the leaders  proudly stood behind their Pathfinders as they performed special music, collected offering, and were inducted during church service. The youth, who normally meet in the English-speaking service, delighted the Korean-speaking congregation as they conducted parts of the service. Senior Pastor Peter Jung, a Master Guide, delivered the Sabbath message, as Dr. Jon Kim translated it into English.

The Koko's Club at Korean SDA Church on Guam present arms


West of Guam, in the nation of Palau, the Islanders Pathfinder Club was also able to honor the World Pathfinder Day under the leadership of Club Director Yrang McCarty. Their induction ceremony was livestreamed on Facebook by Mr. Eric Ksau Whipps.

Beginning with the color guards carrying in the Pathfinder flag and the country’s flag, each Pathfinder performed their parts well, with sharp and organized movements.

The club staff and their supportive Senior Pastor Daniel Velez stood near the front, watching as the Pathfinders narrated the Pathfinder motto, pledge, aim, and law.

The Islanders Club at Koror SDA Church on Palau recite the pledge and law


On the eastern edge of the GMM region in the Republic of the Marshall Islands, the Delep Church spent the whole Sabbath celebrating the World Pathfinder Day. The Delap Pathfinder Club was led by missionary teacher and outgoing Club Director Ms. Engie Wales and the incoming Club Director Elder Robi Beaut. The entire program was done by the Pathfinders – from the Sabbath School and main service, to the afternoon activities, including track distribution at Liklikiej Weto Village, until returning to the church for the Adventist Youth program. 

There were several new Pathfinder, Adventurer and Master Guide candidates inducted for this year 2021-2022. The newly invested Master Guides and newly elected deputy directors in full uniforms were quick to assist with the programs throughout the Sabbath.

The Delap Club at the Delap SDA Church on Majuro

The main theme of “I Will Go” was the focus of the message and charge to the Pathfinders, Adventurers and the Master Guides. During Sabbath School, selected Pathfinders did their P.A.T.H.F.I.N.D.E.R. acronym activity, which excited the congregation. The service was filled with joyful worship and the participation of the Master Guides and Pathfinders who rendered beautiful songs. After the main service, the church members brought their food to the potluck table where we all enjoyed fellowship with one another.

Offering songs, prayers, and literature to homes in the community

After potluck, all Pathfinders and Adventurers and some Master Guides joined together for the track distribution to Liklikiej Weto Village. They sang songs and offered prayers to people inside and outside their homes. Some Master Guides even brought their violins to accompany our singing.

The afternoon was spent making fun memories with old and new friends as we made house to house visits, even to some members of the church. The Pathfinders led us to their own homes to visit their non-SDA parents and relatives. They also led us to their non-SDA friends to sing and offer prayers for them.

Soon it was time to go back to the church to prepare for the AY Program, where we enjoyed the snacks prepared by the sponsor for the club ministry. The Sabbath ended with the fun of picture-taking with the beautiful background of the World Pathfinder Day.

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